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I know I am unbelievably beyond comprehension late (try a month and a couple days). Here are the photos though! Its funny, immediately after Coachella I rushed myself into new york and didn't really miss it, and now, a month later I miss it so much. Its such a whirl wind of activity and it goes by so fast its like it didn't even happen. Funny how things work that way.

The photos were taken by a combination of my handy Panasonic Lumix DMX5 and disposable film.
Day 1 outfit
Vintage dress and hat, Frye Boots, faux Chanel bag
This was pretty much my jewelry the entire weekend, although it'd get so hot I had to take my rings off occasionally.
Day 2 Outfit
I am in love with this rope dress, it feels Modern Grecian and is so comfortable. Its by Kai-aakmann, a label I had never heard of before but I am now in love with, though I haven't seen it anywhere else!
Kai-aakmann rope dress, vintage hat and belt, California Select boots, Verameat Centaur necklace.
Day 3 Outfit
Didn't take many pictures this day, the one above was taken by two girls from a Canadian style site which I have now misplaced the name.
Vintage 70s orange cutout top, vintage DIY Calvin Klein shorts, TOMS shoes.
1. The Coachella flowers 2. Kanye West 3. Chromeo 4. Mumford & Sons 5. The Aquabats 6. Tallest Man on Earth
The Aquabats was one of the most fun shows. I also really loved Chromeo, that was the nicest crowd, and Kanye was the most hyped show (loved his infamous Celine blouse), and my absolute hands down favorite was Mumford and Sons. I am slightly obsessed with Marcus Mumford. All in all, Coachella was fantastic.