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Gap silver button up, Jeffrey Campbell shoes (closeup soon!), grey knit shorts, American Apparel jeans.
Another quick post amidst packing for Manhattan and some last minute shopping and rehearsal for a scene I'm doing in a festival in a couple weeks. These are photos from a couple weeks ago, just meant to liven up this post. I've always been fascinated with how you can change an outfit just by changing one thing in it, in this case the grey knit shorts to the American Apparel jeans- side note: AA is making jeans now!

COACHELLA WAS BEAUTIFUL. Exactly what I needed. Im still dealing with some leftover emotions from the breakup, but I just have to remember that we were complete opposites and I need to focus on things that really matter to me. I will post photos as soon as they are developed and I come back from NY.

Highlights of Coachella:
  • seeing everyone I know in one place
  • dancing
  • The Aquabats
  • Kanye