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How I Met Your Style Feature

 Three weeks ago I was approached by Carmen Chan from How I Met Your Style to do a shoot at my house showcasing my closet/room/jewelry/piano/cats and everything else that's part of my life, apart from clothes. The next week we got together and shot these photos! 

How I Met Your Style is simultaneously a personal and interior style website showcasing your favorite bloggers' houses and lives photographed by Carmen and her friend/photography mentor Ken Wu. I am actually really excited about this, and am looking forward to see how this site progresses. I see great things ahead; the photos are beautiful! Carmen used a mixture of 95% film photo, only a select few she shot digitally. This is the kind of old school stuff that I love! Carmen was so lovely, and I am so sad she's leaving LA! Good luck and thanks Carmen!

View more photos, plus the interview I did, on HIMYS here.