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I know the subject of airplane dressing is always big. What do you wear when youre crammed into a tiny area with people all around you for 5+ hours? I believe in the idea of dressing up for the plane, or at least in the idea of leaving your sweatpants at home. Flying used to be a bigger deal, it used to be a luxury, exciting. Now I feel like many take it for granted. Id like to take it back to that time when all the stewardesses were young and super excited to work on a plane, with their hats and matching outfits, and the travelers were equally as excited, so much so that they dressed up. Not when the flight attendants are rude to you if you ask them to throw away your coffee cup, and the passengers prefer ratty tshirts to button ups. Thats just me though...

Here is what I wore!
H&M black jacket, JBrand jeans, vintage boots, California Select cropped sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs studded leather and tote bags.