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Sometimes I get in a mood where all I want to wear is soft dreamy cottons and creams and whites and chiffon layers like I am in some sort of fantasy fairy land film. I seem to feel like this every spring, as my mother points out. If I had the choice I would actually wear this type of clothing all the time, but I actually dont find enough of it in quality designs and fabrics. Sometimes you just get sick of the regular things you wear every day, you know? All this street style and fierce stuff... black and grey? Its getting a little boring. Then again, this is coming from the person who just bought Dr. Martens...
I bought this beautiful leather bag in Palm Springs last spring, it has a bucks face embossed into it! Ive never seen anything like it. And the cat face ring from Verameat? Oh yea, that. I am in love! The detail is incredible. I now want the bulldog. Thank you dad!

I bought the latest edition of POP Magazine with Elton John and fruit on the cover. The entire issue is like a work of art, Ill try to post some scans I find particularly stunning soon. I just bought Elton's greatest hits album on iTunes (after putting it off for a long time) and Ive been playing it on shuffle/repeat all day. Ive listened to Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word probably ten times, which might seem a little too much, but I can never get enough Elton. Its interesting how songs can remind you of certain periods of time in your life. Elton John reminds me of middle school, which is both good and bad, since I have different experiences tied to memories of that time. But as I listen to him more the less it reminds me of then and the more it reminds me of now. While its nice to let go of the past and get rid of the emotion that resurfaces when you choose a certain track, its also sad since that time has passed and the memories are fading. But hey, lets cheer up and listen to some Crocodile Rock!

Vintage blue scarf, Zara dress, vintage snakeskin belt, vintage rhinestone necklace, Dries Van Noten brocade vest, American Apparel seersucker shorts, vintage leather embossed bag, Verameat copper cat ring, Essie nailpolish in Lilacism, Ziba Khatibi silver ring.