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Currently: Wearing over the knee socks like its going out of style, enjoying colorful mini dresses, shopping around for wide leg jeans, digging Saint Christopher medallion bracelets and waiting for my three day weekend so I can see my boyfriend, buy Chanel Chance eau Tendre, bask in the glow of rest, and maybe catch up on writing/piano/homework/drawing/the ukulele. TGIF.
I bought this crazy 70s polyester dress several months ago... either in December or last summer, Ive forgotten exactly when, however the point is, I bought it, (for a beautiful price of something like $20) and never wore it, until now. The zipper on the back is a little weird and sometimes comes undone, but the dress itself is fantastic and I can not get enough.

Oh and I also did an interview over at Urban Outfitters, check it out here.
Vintage 70s baby-doll dress, American Apparel purple thigh high socks, Jeffrey Campbell wooden clogs and American Apparel multi-colored nail polish.