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Lately Ive been saying Sup? as just a greeting. Its a lot of fun to say, the sound it makes is really clear and it pops, like bubbles in champagne... or apple cider or whatever. Sup, sup, sup. Im having way too much fun with the word. Its hilarious.

Ive collected these photos over the past couple of months... do you see a pattern? The pattern-less bright maxi skirt with a small white tee seems so refreshing to me right now, a look made famous by Jil Sanders Spring 2011 collection. These photos make me happy, especially right now as Im dealing with being let down by different friends of mine. You know, its just the type of social upset that is expected to be the norm in highschool. But really, right now Im hurting and it isn't any fun. But in happier news, my boyfriend gave me a strand of beautiful blue pearls for Valentines Day, and Im still in shock over it.

I was thisclose to naming the post Why The Longgg Face? But I thought that would have been a little too much, for various reasons.