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I was in the wackiest mood when I took these photos. Seriously, I am wacky already, but this moment in time takes the cake. My mother at one point goes "What the hell?" and starts laughing really hard because of a "pose" dance move I made.
I have been wearing a lot of pants on the blog lately, this will change come spring, but I just had to show you these Pray for Mother Nature trouser jeans. I love the fit, they sort of remind me of sweatpants. Pray For Mother Nature's product is always spot on, the quality, fit, detailing. Its craftsmanship like this that makes me believe if I ever went into fashion, Id work at a denim company. I am crazy for jeans.

Vintage creamsicle shirt from Ramona West, Pray for Mother Nature denim trousers, vintage belt, and vintage boots.
Had to get a photo with my aunt's metal flowers. My uncle and aunt are moving out of their house of thirty odd years. I grew up there. No one wants this to happen, but thats just how it goes.