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A lot of my friends at school were bitter about Valentine's Day today. I know that its commercial and it was created by the Halmark people or whatever, but really? I've never been bitter about the holiday, single or not; I just never saw the point in being negative. Its like being mad at President's day because the majority of us are not the president. As far as I am concerned, Valentine's day is just an excuse to wear pink or red or white or purple or all of the above!
I am actually in awe that I own this dress. I remember seeing it in Teen Vogue years ago- in their annual prom issue- and I'd always remembered it. Truly its stunning. Phillip Lim always makes the prettiest little dresses. I wish I could meet him, or at least talk to him. I'd love to know how he thinks up these beauties.

3.1 Phillip Lim zipper dress, Mr. Kate starburst earrings, American Apparel nail polish, MAC lipstick in Chili.