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February 2011

shops 25 February 2011
Lately Ive been saying Sup? as just a greeting. Its a lot of fun to say, the sound it makes is really clear and it pops, like bubbles in cha...
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That 70s Show
shops 19 February 2011
Currently: Wearing over the knee socks like its going out of style, enjoying colorful mini dresses, shopping around for wide leg jeans, di...
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Be My Valentine?
shops 15 February 2011
A lot of my friends at school were bitter about Valentine's Day today. I know that its commercial and it was created by the Halmark peop...
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shops 10 February 2011
I was in the wackiest mood when I took these photos. Seriously, I am wacky already, but this moment in time takes the cake. My mother at one...
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