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I wore this to dim sum downtown with the family on Saturday. I love the architecture in this city and the downtown area is no exception. We shot these photos at the Ahmanson Theatre/Mark Taper Forum, they have a beautiful courtyard there with this stunning fountain and statue.

I've been wearing a lot of green lately. Army green, forest green, evergreen; it's all good to me. I wore so much of the color the other day that my boyfriend said I looked "like a tree." Aw, thanks. Anyway, I bought this wool jacket at an army surplus store several months ago and it hasn't gotten much air time, but I took it out for a photo shoot on Friday and realized its beauty once again. I remember stalking a woman in the store who was trying it on until she put it down again. It was crazy, but Im glad I did. The green cargo leggings are from Pray for Mother Nature, a new brand established by Chip Foster- of the denim duo Chip & Pepper. These are kind of my favorite pants right now, not going to lie. I love the fit.

Vintage wool jacket, striped oversized tee from random store on Larchmont, Marc by Marc Jacobs leather cut out heels, Vera Meat copper centaur necklace, silver spine ring, lamb ring, and doe ring, Pray for Mother Nature cargo leggings.