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January 2011

In Teen Vogue
shops 01 February 2011
Hey guys, Im briefly checking in. It turns out Im in the newest issue of Teen Vogue, which I actually didn't know until I was alerted to...
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Forest Elf
shops 24 January 2011
Ive talked previously about my interest in photography and disposable film. I finally branched out to the old school stuff and used some leg...
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shops 20 January 2011
Taking a break from history notes to update with an outfit from a few days ago. My mom surprised me on Sunday with this beautiful silk shirt...
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The Zodiac
shops 14 January 2011
In honor of all the hoopla about the "new astrological sign" Ophiuchus , (which I am not going to let change my sign or anything ...
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Downtown Los Angeles
shops 11 January 2011
I wore this to dim sum downtown with the family on Saturday. I love the architecture in this city and the downtown area is no exception. We ...
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jewelry, white light and ceramics
shops 07 January 2011
I know I've said it before but jewelry remains one of my favorite things about an outfit. Jewelry is very unique to each individual and...
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January 1st
shops 02 January 2011
I see days and dates and years in terms of colors. January is white in my head, as is 2011. This editorial from W 's January issue featu...
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