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When I was 10 years old I was fascinated with the idea of changing my name. Or more specifically, changing my name to Rebecca, or Becca for short. While the idea of actually changing my name never came to fruition, I still kept the name Rebecca close to my heart. Now, Im not saying the reason why I love Rebecca Hall so much is because her name is, in fact, Rebecca, but it definitely didnt hurt.

Rebecca Hall is incredible to look at, and even more wonderful on the screen. I know this editorial is old news, I mean its from August, and we're basically to 2011 already (side bar- how scary is that? 2010 almost over?! what are you crazy?). Anyways, I was going through some old magazines and found this spread. And since I had been meaning to mention sometime on this blog that The Town was a stunning movie, and that Ben Affleck did such an amazing job, I thought why not have some visuals to go along with it?

I also felt like the clothes in these photos were directly related to the current weather LA is experiencing. Its apparently December in Los Angeles, at least according to the calendar, but we've had hot days for the past half week or so, and it doesn't look like any of that is going away. This editorial is just like it, there is the sun coming through the windows (sun = LA weather right now), but theres also black party dresses (party dresses = holiday = wintertime), so while this editorial may have come out in August, it is still as current as if it were on newstands right now.
Oh, and then here is the always essential photo of Jon Hamm x 2.
W Magazine - August 2010
Photographed by Nathanial Goldberg
Styled by Lori Goldstein