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Ive worn this coat three days in a row now, despite having a bunch of winter jackets that need air time. The shape is perfect, just enough boyish inspiration, and the color is a wonderful army green... it also doesnt hurt that I bought it on sale. The dress is also wonderful, I love the structure of it. The fabric is really heavy which makes it ideal for wintertime.

I saw Tron... twice. I thought visually it was absolutely stunning. I left the theater with a thirst for blue neon and a neoprene body suit, despite their being completely the opposite of what I actually like to wear. I really recommend seeing it, especially since Garrett Hedlund's voice is like listening to a deep rumbling waterfall.
Richard Chai Love Army coat, Nordstrom leather gloves, American Apparel socks, Zara dress, vintage necklace, Essie purple nail polish, mac lipstick in chili.