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Lately I've been going to bed at very late hours, mostly because I've been on the iPad watching classics on instant Netflix. However, a couple nights ago I watched In & Out with Kevin Kline, a comedy from the 90s about an English teacher who, three days before his wedding and unbeknownst to him, is outed as being gay on national television by one of his ex-students who has just won an Academy Award. Hilarity ensues as he tries to convince his bride, the town, and the onslaught of media reporters that he is not in fact, gay, and it was just a big misunderstanding. One of my favorite scenes in the film is where he puts in a cassette in his stereo that is going to teach him how to be "manly." The tape at one point says "Are you wearing sufficiently manly clothes?" and Kevin looks down at his purple plaid and black jeans and nods yes, and tape goes "Good. Untuck your shirt." Kevin starts to untuck his shirt when the tape says "Only ONE side." And Kevin goes "Awww man!!!"
I tried to incorporate that scene into the American Apparel sheer button down Im wearing- my favorite shirt right now- which I have untucked only one side.

I had to get a photo of these wagon wheel/flying saucer silver earrings that my aunt gave me for christmas. They may be one of my favorite gifts I got this season, in addition to my Verameat spine ring, and the jacket Im wearing here thats from the 20s and reminds of the Prada Spring 2011 banana/tropical/monkey themed clothing.

Vintage 1920s patterned silk jacket, American Apparel sheer button down, T by Alexander Wang black tank (underneath), JBrand jeans, Sam Edleman boots, vintage bracelet and ring, Verameat spine ring (not clearly shown.)