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December 2010

shops 30 December 2011
Lately I've been going to bed at very late hours, mostly because I've been on the iPad watching classics on instant Netflix. However...
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Rain Boat
shops 29 December 2011
Outfit from a few days ago. Saw Ashley Olsen on Sunday at this italian restaurant called La Buca, she was with her Justin Bartha. She wore t...
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Merry Christmas
shops 25 December 2010
I can not believe we are back here already. Happy holidays. American Apparel tights, Ecote poncho, American Apparel black u-neck dress, Kimc...
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shops 22 December 2010
Ive worn this coat three days in a row now, despite having a bunch of winter jackets that need air time. The shape is perfect, just enough b...
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Sun/Winter/Rebecca Hall
shops 14 December 2010
When I was 10 years old I was fascinated with the idea of changing my name. Or more specifically, changing my name to Rebecca , or Becca for...
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Winter Fresh
shops 07 December 2010
This is probably my favorite sweatshirt. I know I say everything is my favorite, but really, this is my favorite. Ive been purchasing cheesy...
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