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The weather has been very strange the past couple of days. Its been hot and cold and windy all at the same time! This has allowed me to wear a rainbow variety of clothing which has been very fun. I purchased this little chiffon number on the same day as the dress in the post below. It was a 50s themed day! I find that when Im shopping I tend to purchase items in the same color scheme and/or same decade.
I am wearing a vintage dress, Versace belt, and The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate presents Le Cadeau ring.
I watched How To Train Your Dragon the other night and it was such a beautiful movie! The soundtrack was also great, John Powell did an amazing job... Of course I had to purchase it on iTunes the next day.

Meanwhile, I have been dealing with the craziest most tiring schedule ever. Im in a play that requires me to be thrown on the floor a million times, I have bruises all over my legs because of it now. I am definitely excited for the thanksgiving break, and of course blog posts will be in abundance during that time! Or at least that's the plan.