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November 2010

Cream Ribbon
shops 01 December 2010
I've been wearing jeans everyday at school now because of their pure simplicity. You put them on and go, you dont have to worry about s...
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Thanksgiving Day
shops 27 November 2010
I am drowning under a sea of homework as our play reaches closer and closer to OPENING NIGHT. I had an actor's nightmare last night. It...
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Blithe Spirit
shops 23 November 2010
Meeting the boyfriend's parents is nerve-wracking. This feeling is further amplified when you are meeting the sister AND various other f...
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The Plant Family
shops 11 November 2010
The weather has been very strange the past couple of days. Its been hot and cold and windy all at the same time! This has allowed me to wear...
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On Top of the World
shops 07 November 2010
Been falling deeply and madly in love with 50s dresses like these. I especially love this one because of the oversized silhouette and the gr...
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