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This is my favorite sweater, Ive been eagerly awaiting putting it on but its been so hot. Ive taken a little break from AP homework to write this post, its been too long, I have so many things going on, I helped throw a party on Saturday and it was the most fun Ive probably ever had in my life, and Im listening to Marvin Gaye. Oh and Ive been going crazy about Verameat jewelery.

Los Angeles high school/teenage style is fairly interesting, especially when you start talking about the social standards that go along with it, and facebook, and the valley kids, and the "King of the Valley Kids." Most of the time the teenagers I hang out with, and the teenagers I see, basically all like to wear earth tones, vintage pieces, florals, and lots and lots of messy bracelets. Theres something about the way these kids dress that's very precious and very sloppy, sometimes a little worn down, all at the same time. For instance, a girl at my school one time wore a big floppy bow in her hair one day that was falling halfway off her head, but she didn't seem to care. Its kinda like, this might not fit me, but Ill wear it anyway cause its standard "cool." Or something. Im not necessarily saying this is bad or good. Im still lacking the words to accurately describe the social style around me. Ill keep working on it.

Topshop striped sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs studded bag, flea market boots, American Apparel tights, Nars lipstick in Heat Wave.