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Ah, gosh. Thats the first thing that comes to mind when reviewing Rochas Spring 2011. There comes a rare moment in a season when you just believe wholeheartedly in a collection, where you see brilliant piece after brilliant piece and never want it to stop, and I think this is it. While I loved Rodarte, and Proenza, and Jil Sander, I chose to kick off my reviewing season (despite fashion month being almost over) with my favorite collection so far. Rochaaaaas.

The palette was lowkey- almost tame, in some places, and then bright and revolutionary in others. I loved the wacky prints, the pale pinks and vivid blues. There were feminine figures and oversized jackets, and it turned into such brilliant feat that I could imagine myself wearing every piece. Especially those voluminous skirted dresses (seen here in the blue pattern and wedding cream colors.) It reminded me of an art museum, and rightly so. These pieces belong in a museum. The whole thing felt distinctly Parisian, and I wish upon hope upon wish that I will one day get to see these pieces in real life, and maybe even- dare I say it- wear one...?