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September 2010

And the Cat Came Back
shops 25 September 2010
Well basically W magazine has stolen my heart forever more. They did it again with this feminine-centered editorial featuring Georgia May J...
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shops 22 September 2010
Ive been patiently waiting for fall so I could wear these vintage bell bottom trousers sent to me from Ramona West , along with three new fa...
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Disposable Film
shops 20 September 2010
Once again I experimented with disposable film. I love using it to get interesting, raw shots. It keeps me from losing my mind in the digita...
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Blue On Blue
shops 15 September 2010
Ive been fascinated with denim on denim for a while now and decided to try it for fall. Denim leggings are my new obsession. I really didnt ...
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Forever 21 Style Muse
shops 15 September 2010
Way back in June I shot a campaign for Forever 21 with Rumi, Kelly, and Emily. We all got to go to the Forever 21 studios downtown, style ou...
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Green Machine
shops 11 September 2010
For some reason when I wear green I like to wear it in large quantities. I went to Disneyland yesterday and a person in our group said "...
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Stop, Its Camel Time
shops 08 September 2010
Collected all of these over the summer. You're not sick of it yet, are you? Picked up an intense vintage coat from the flea market on Su...
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shops 03 September 2010
I put on my favorite silhouette, the long skirt, today! I think I also subconsciously channeled my new favorite book: Alice in Wonderland by...
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