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Las Vegas (Huge Picture Post)

Vegas is one of my favorite places, which is strange to some since Im under 21 and cant really do anything that Vegas was made for. However, I have so much fun there. My dad takes me there a lot, and in the past two weeks Ive been twice on two separate occasions. Here are the photos from those trips.
The Wynn is one of my favorite hotels. The decor doesnt exactly fit into one category except for something like "fun extravagance," like these chandeliers. Its sister hotel Encore has incredible chandeliers as well but I forgot to take a photo. Imagine oversized and red velour and you get the picture. I love it.

Took these photos in the bathroom of our hotel room, since I could climb all over the sink. This dress was given to me by the people at the Verizon Wireless shoot. Its by Theory and its so beautiful you cant even imagine! I wore it to see Jersey Boys and The Lion King.

This is a crazy cactus garden outside of Jean-George steak house in the newly opened Aria hotel. It doesnt make any sense since its situated right in the middle of a floor and its great.
We ate at a really great Tapas place called Julian Serrano. I wanted to steal this chair, which unfortunately was physically impossible, since it seems I have no strength whatsoever.
This is my favorite place in all of Vegas: this restaurant at Caesar's Palace. I forgot the name of it but it had all these goldfish in fishtanks. It was incredible! Ive never seen anything like it.
At The Four Seasons. Thrifted shirt, American Apparel shorts, Chanel tattoos, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.
These metal statues were also at the Aria.

Hope you enjoyed!
What are your favorite places in Las Vegas?

P.s. Just got a lady-like bag to coincide with the post below!